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Save on This Year’s Cooling Costs

In the summer time, using ceiling fans will keep you cool, allowing you to raise the temperature on your thermostat, so you spend less money on air conditioning and more on enjoying the summer. Ceiling fans create what is called a “wind-chill effect”; this is when the skin evaporates slight amounts of water through the sweat glands and thereby providing cooling on the skin’s surface making you feel up to eight degrees cooler. You can raise your thermostat to maintain the same level of comfort, and save up to 40% on your cooling costs. Just make sure your ceiling fans are turning counter-clockwise in the summer, pushing the air downwards, to create the desired wind-chill effect.

It costs only around one cent per hour to run a ceiling fan, compared to 43 cents per hour for central air conditioning, and 16 cents per hour for a room air conditioner. With your air conditioner running all day, every day, it really adds up!

Remember, using a ceiling fan does not cool the air, so you should turn your ceiling fan off when you leave the room.

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